Turbocharged Science on BOINC (with Docker)

I run a BOINC volunteer computing project, Cosmology@Home. I love BOINC, but I think its ridiculously difficult to develop a project. In the past I would have never recommend to a colleague to create their own project, at least not a colleague that was serious about doing science instead of spending all day maintaining their BOINC project. But with what I’ll show you here, boinc-server-docker, I think it can be so easy to develop for BOINC that it’s realistic actually to do your day-to-day computation on a BOINC project.

In this ~10 minute video I’ll take you through creating a BOINC project and developing an application with boinc-server-docker. The key to do this in 10 minutes (really, no cheating!), is that the server as well as the BOINC applications are packaged inside Docker.

Cosmology@Home already runs this way and it works well. But there’s plenty to be improved, and for that I need help. So any BOINC and/or Docker experts want to help turn BOINC into something even more useful? Please, lets talk and collaborate on this project!