Institut Lagrange de Paris

2015 - Present  ·  I am a Lagrange Fellow at the ILP in the beautiful city of Paris.

University of California, Davis

2009 - 2015  ·  I received my PhD in June 2015 working with Lloyd Knox, who has been an amazing advisor and a really great person to work with. I’m a member of the Planck and South Pole Telescope collaborations. I also happen to live equidistant between two of the best spots in the whole world, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.

Cornell University

2005 - 2009  ·  I double majored in Physics and Computer Science, with a minor in lack of sleep and realizing that the world is full of really ridiculously smart people and I need to catch up.

University of Illinois

Summer 2008  ·  Fell in love with Cosmology during a three month REU under awesome advisors and great guys Jon Thaler and Mats Selen. Here’s my final paper (I’ve come a long way, I swear!)


Summers 2006, 2007  ·  Spent two summers writing code related to calibrating quadrupole magnets for particle accelerators.

Wheaton North High School

2001 - 2005  ·  Got good grades but really I majored in drumline and L.e.a.P.