Turbocharged Science on BOINC (with Docker)

February 14, 2016

I run a BOINC volunteer computing project, Cosmology@Home. I love BOINC, but I think its ridiculously difficult to develop a project. In the past I would have never recommend to a colleague to create their own project, at least not a colleague that was serious about doing science instead of spending all day maintaining their BOINC project. But with what I’ll show you here, boinc-server-docker, I think it can be so easy to develop for BOINC that it’s realistic actually to do your day-to-day computation on a BOINC project.

Stats about Cosmology@Home

July 13, 2015

Perhaps let’s start with what is Cosmology@Home? .

Cosmology@Home (C@H for short) is a distributed volunteer computing project which allows people all over the world to donate their spare computer time when they’re not using it (like when their screen-saver is on) to help cosmologists run the computations we need to answer some of the biggest questions about our universe.

How to Make a Kickass Scientific Presentation with LibreOffice and Other Free Tools

April 18, 2015

First of all, you’ll need to develop an interesting scientific research program, come up with some novel results, then organize them into a coherent set of ideas to present. Ok, done? Great! Now here are some tips on making that into a modern, professional, and clean set of slides using only free tools.